Educontinu is happy to take the development of e-learning off your hands or support you in the development of e-learning yourself with the usual authoring tools such as Elucidat, Lectora Online and Articulate Rise of Storyline.

Why E-learning?

The use of e-learning helps with an effective and cheaper way of learning and keeping knowledge up to date. The big advantage is that you can learn at any time, whether at work or on the train. You determine the pace yourself and choose topics that are important to you.

In addition, e-learning can complement classroom programs and ensure that participants have already completed basic knowledge before attending classroom training or serving as a reference guide. During the classroom sessions you can then look together at the application of knowledge and the exchange of experiences.

E-learning creation

E-learning, blended learning, mobile learning, gamification, serious games. They are all different forms of online learning. Basically it consists of the same elements that Educontinu offers to customers separately.

This is all involved in the production of an online training:

  • Educational design: (re) structuring the current (online) training courses towards new content and media.
  • Graphic design: Develop your own style or templates based on the design and corporate identity of the organization
  • Develop e-learning content: Develop content based on the design. Implementation of translations.
  • Production media: Videos, photos, animations and illustrations
  • Technical production: Placing the content and media in the chosen auterstool and placing the e-learning in the LMS.

The tools to make e-learning are nowadays so advanced that it is becoming easier to develop e-learning yourself. We help organizations in the production of online training courses in three ways:

1. Supervised doing yourself

Learn to develop professional e-learning programs quickly and independently.

For organizations that want to develop e-learning themselves but have insufficient experience with it, we offer tailor-made training, guidance and coaching:

Three-day tailor-made training for your developers in your own development environment. After the training, they can start immediately with the production of their own e-learning and afterwards they can receive guidance and / or coaching from our experts.

2. Co-creation

Develop e-learning together by doing what you are good at.

For organizations that want to do certain parts of e-learning themselves and prefer to outsource a number of tasks. For example due to lack of time or because they are unwilling or unable to do so. For example, think of:
We do the educational design, you write the content
We create the graphic design and templates in your authoring tool, you place your own content in it.
You write the content, we put it in the authoring tool
We make the first e-learning module, you the next under our guidance.

3. Outsourcing

To outsource the entire production.

All you have to do is provide us with all the information as best you can and tell us what you want. We get to work and place the e-learning in your LMS. You always check our output. This saves you time and internal manpower.

Elucidat is an authoring platform that excels in ease of use and meets all the requirements of responsive design. This authoring platform can be used by several people within or outside the own organization. The content is compiled entirely on the basis of templates that are developed in advance and centrally managed. This not only optimally guarantees the house style, but the authors can do what they are good at: Creating perfect course material!